About Us

We’re big on small. And beautiful and inviting and fresh. When you get small right, there’s a little bit of magic in it.

Several years ago, coastal storm waters totaled all but a handful of my worldly possessions. Afterward, I decided to downsize. I’ve always loved beautiful spaces, but there’s something about hauling your stuff to the curb and piling it into a soggy mess that makes you rethink your priorities. So with a vision of creating a “little jewel,” we bought a tiny post-war bungalow that came with a nice yard and mature trees, and decided to try living with less.

Well? It took some getting used to. But then I was hooked, especially on the time and money saved. Joining forces with a “small homeowning” neighbor, we experimented with paint colors, wallpaper, and lighting schemes. We hired custom cabinetmakers, trolled art openings, created a small study that doubles as a dining room, and hosted a Christmas party with a rented piano. Small Home Chic is a place to document and expand our passion for bringing style, function, comfort, and even a little magic to that place we all love—home.

If you’re living in a small (or smallish) house, or you’re contemplating a move to one, or you’re thinking of converting that old backyard workshop to a guest cottage, you’ll find ideas here that can help make it work for you. You’ll also find product and service recommendations that we’ve deemed just too good to keep under wraps. We truly hope you’ll discover something at Small Home Chic that enriches both your space and the time you spend there with those you love.

Welcome.  We’re delighted to have you!